Perilla and Partners Consulting is a consulting firm incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario Canada with the legal name of P&P Consulting International Inc. The firm has been offering personal and business accounting services, tax filing, business consulting, financial planning and bookkeeping in Bogotá – Colombia and Toronto-Canada. The members of the firm have a combined more than 30 years’ experience in the field.

Corporate Finance Consultancy97%
Investment support95%

Need a help? Get a first-class finance consultant.

What we do

Within the framework of our service offer, we provide you with complete solutions in the areas of taxation, accounting, auditing and corporate finance consultancy.

Our history

Partners of P&P Consulting Internacional Inc. began their independent professional practice in 1990, each of them gathered clients to resolve taxation and accounting issues. As far the globalization changed the client’s markets, emerged the necessity of those professional to render services along the American continent. In this way in 2004 was established the office in the City of Toronto represented by Edgar Perilla with the purpose of render services in taxation, accounting, and business structure according to with the custom and Canadian law.

Our mission

To become a leader in small business consulting by maintaining strong growth as a provider of high-quality professional services to our clients. We will continually strive to be perceived as a firm that is professional, accurate, timely, trustworthy, and to offer an innovative approach to help our clients meet their challenges.

Our vision

To provide business services that help people and organizations attain their business and personal financial goals.