Business Structuring & Valuation

“Put a price on your business or the one you want to buy”.

Are you starting or need support with a new business idea?

Perilla and Partners can help you understand and choose your business structure. Likewise, we support the design of your business plan establishing market and financial goals and creating ways to reach them.

The ongoing process involves taking stock of all corporate existing resources, developing strategies to utilize them, and systematically implementing the program in order to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

The plan must be monitored and reviewed periodically so that adjustments can be made, if necessary, to assure that it continues to move you toward your financial goals.

As a result, the business will have a well-refined niche market, price strategy and good knowledge of product cost and administrative expenses.

Reports from the financial plan

  • Business Prospecting
  • Sales
  • Costs
  • Expenses

Do you want to start, buy or sell a business?

Is it better to start or buy?

What is the real worth of your business?

P & P Consulting has a demonstrated methodology that is based on years of experience and drawn from a multitude of useful valuation models used in many industries for a variety of companies. Our business valuations are simple and effective: while every business and its owners have unique attributes that differentiate it, every business has certain common factors. We take those factors, plus elements that create a premium or a discount, into consideration without getting bogged down in esoteric theories that are not necessary to create a valuable opinion. We turn the information around quickly, at a very affordable price. We do this with a straightforward Confidential Evaluation Planner that integrates our Business Valuation Report – capturing all the key value drivers, which we believe are crucial to achieving a realistic determination of value.

We regularly provide valuation services in complex matters such as:

  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Intellectual property and portfolio valuation
  • Litigation support/quantification of economic damages
  • Asset-based financing appraisals


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